Saturday, February 26, 2011

New painting - Untitled

I sort of want to call this Love, Faith, Potential, but I'm not entirely sold on that as a title.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Potentials You Never Intended to Realize

Little 6x6" painting... definitely something new for me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ernest vs. Honest

This painting hasn't strayed from the original concept at all!


I basically ditched the original idea, as I found that my original approach wasn't successfully leading me to a desired destination. Or a destination at all... nevertheless, lesson learned! I have many new ideas on how to approach this concept next time I'm feeling up to it.

What is this we have here, then?

I reworked the theory that this piece of art should represent, and have made it a far more personal piece. The title Ernest vs. Honest is directly discussing my approach to art, and how sometimes I feel that my process can be quite driven, quite decorative, and not strong enough to have a final image in mind. All dressed up and nowhere to go is a phrase that is sometimes applicable to describe my thoughts of process, which is pretty daunting. Of course, art can be about the journey, but I still want to develop my abilities to realize a planned image, representing an idea with certain strength and enough detail that one could argue that the work does indeed support the theory. I want to be more proficient.

I'll get there.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update: Health painting turned potential landscape?

This thing refuses to be the health painting I had planned for it... but I think it's looking pretty sweet anyways, so I think maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe it can be a Biomedicalandscape fusion painting? No big deal. (I'm freakin' out man!)

...and some detail photos for good measure.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Toast! (Healthy Biological idea painting)

Update photo!

This painting is a tester for some healthy paintings I've been having ideas about. It's got a fair way to go, but I thought I'd stick an "in progress" photo up (as usual).

What does this painting have anything to do with health?


We'll see?

Cells; some sort of structure; and health is messy? Eww!

Give me some time, I'll get back to you.

Untitled (mean dog 002)

I started this drawing what seems like forever ago, and I was finally able to convince myself to work on it! It's complete, and going up at the restaurant with the rest of my artwork - how refreshing to get it out of the house so quickly after finishing it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue goals painting with a fish - the camera-shy wimp!

Well, we have ourselves a painting! I finished this up tonight after devastatingly realizing last night that I was out of black paint. Who runs out of black paint?! WHO!? Anywhoodle, paint replenished, painting finished.

I even managed to squeeze a fish in there.

I think this painting has a fairly simple narrative with the tiny fish and the enormous leap it seems to be taking. And the atmospheric feel still lends itself to some form of landscape. Can't help but root for it.

This image comes across as a bit flat, and I hope to get a decent photo of it before putting it up for show at Lady Marmelade! I will be showing some work with my new artist friend, Kat Cearns, and we are both super excited. However, I don't intend to have any daylight hours free until the weekend, and we set up on Friday, so... this might be the best one I can get for a little while. Make sure you check out Kat's blog too:
Just to give a little range though, here is an image taken with flash, so you can see the irridescent paint; it has more depth than the photo above would have us believe:

... and a detail photo for good measure!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As blue as my blue paintings get?

I seriously started this painting tonight, and I'm excited to get to work on it this weekend. It will have more fishes, and a somewhat more graphic flare, but what excites me most is that it's a bigger surface! I really miss working bigger than 3' in a direction, and it feels great to have my body interacting with the plane. Not just fingers and wrists. It was delightfully distracting to feel my spine and neck moving around, and I've missed it!

These newer paintings seem to be about goals and pursuit. Which is interesting, because it seems rather detached from the bio-psycho flare my work typically has. I think I need to work some of those ideas back into the work, because I think there is a strength in the biological approach as those viewing the art have something meaningful to relate to. We can all take part in the discussion of the body. Nevertheless, it's freeing to explore different concepts, and being the control freak I am, I am excited to link whatever I find in these works to... well, rather lamely stated, past and future pieces. I am happy this painting is succeeding in confronting some of my technological weaknesses as well, and I can tell I will be learning quite a bit from the process regardless of the results.

I guess maybe the goals are coming from personal psychological goals to overcome oneself. Which is to let the body free itself from biologically induced torment? Do I know what I'm talking about? (That means no.)

Note: Please excuse my poor photo. I paint at night because I work in the day, and I'm just so excited to look at it the next day on my lunch break that I have to post it! Also - the real painting really isn't all the blue - the iridescence is just reflecting a schwack.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don't Call me Dolly

Completed! I am actually super pumped about this painting - it's a lot different than most of my recent work, and it's fun to try a new vein with some success. I'm still working on what exactly I'm trying to get at conceptually, but it seems to still be sticking to the biologically psychological thread I seem to tread. I'll paint it out.

PS: don't forget to actually click on the image if you want a better view of the detail.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't Call Me Dolly - a slop of a fish painting


I was having some fun and getting a little messy and exploring how to paint a fish. I think it's pretty interesting actually, although maybe a little immaturely rendered. It's been a while since I have tried to paint something figurative, which reminds me that I need more fish photos. My bros have sent me some good ones, but it's hard to get pictures of them live in action! Especially up close enough to get some decent detail. Nevertheless, alls well that ends well, and I had enough fun to justify painting this, if only for that reason. It's also a nice kick in the pants telling me to make sure I have a figure to reference! Tsk tsk.

It also reminded me that figurative painting is not that hard (albeit not exactly second nature for the goop-loving me). I think it's a nice vein to be exploring for a little while.