Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ernest vs. Honest

This painting hasn't strayed from the original concept at all!


I basically ditched the original idea, as I found that my original approach wasn't successfully leading me to a desired destination. Or a destination at all... nevertheless, lesson learned! I have many new ideas on how to approach this concept next time I'm feeling up to it.

What is this we have here, then?

I reworked the theory that this piece of art should represent, and have made it a far more personal piece. The title Ernest vs. Honest is directly discussing my approach to art, and how sometimes I feel that my process can be quite driven, quite decorative, and not strong enough to have a final image in mind. All dressed up and nowhere to go is a phrase that is sometimes applicable to describe my thoughts of process, which is pretty daunting. Of course, art can be about the journey, but I still want to develop my abilities to realize a planned image, representing an idea with certain strength and enough detail that one could argue that the work does indeed support the theory. I want to be more proficient.

I'll get there.

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