Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue goals painting with a fish - the camera-shy wimp!

Well, we have ourselves a painting! I finished this up tonight after devastatingly realizing last night that I was out of black paint. Who runs out of black paint?! WHO!? Anywhoodle, paint replenished, painting finished.

I even managed to squeeze a fish in there.

I think this painting has a fairly simple narrative with the tiny fish and the enormous leap it seems to be taking. And the atmospheric feel still lends itself to some form of landscape. Can't help but root for it.

This image comes across as a bit flat, and I hope to get a decent photo of it before putting it up for show at Lady Marmelade! I will be showing some work with my new artist friend, Kat Cearns, and we are both super excited. However, I don't intend to have any daylight hours free until the weekend, and we set up on Friday, so... this might be the best one I can get for a little while. Make sure you check out Kat's blog too:
Just to give a little range though, here is an image taken with flash, so you can see the irridescent paint; it has more depth than the photo above would have us believe:

... and a detail photo for good measure!

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